Drag-queen demon
reads to kids
at Michelle Obama Library

'It was one of the best experiences
I've been given'


8 reasons 'transgenderism' is politics, not science

Exclusive: Joseph Farah shares pediatrician's warning about child-abusive practice

Hillary Clinton (video screenshot)

Hillary's falling claim
'doesn't have leg to stand on'

'Honest question: Does she truly believe that anyone in America believes that story?'

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Bachmann warns: GOP doomed
unless it adopts Trump agenda

'They better get out of that bubble and look at this magnificent nation
and what they're about to give up'

Jerry Brown

Stunner! California governor protects religious institutions

Vetoes plan that would have prevented groups from living by their faith


Nestle removes cross from food packaging

Follows supermarket chain's effort to respect 'diversity'


North Korea: Missile first, then diplomacy

EMP attack could shut down power, kill 90% of all Americans in a year

White House Senior Adviser Steve Bannon

Trump: I know how Bannon feels about Republicans

President endorses plan
to challenge GOP incumbents


U.S. immigrant population hits record high

'Enormous number ... has a profound impact on American society'